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               Who Makes FOI Decisions
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               What You Can Access
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          FOI Processing Time Reduced to 30 Days
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               For Decision Makers
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          For Government Agencies
          Attorney-General Guidelines on the Responsibilities and Obligations of Principal Officers and Agencies, December 2009
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          Department of Health and Human Services
          Ward and Adoption Records
          South Australian Government Freedom of Information
          Northern Territory Information Commissioner
          Finding an Agency
          Am I Entitled to Ask for My Medical File from My Doctor?
          Can I access information from a private company?
          Can I find out who made a complaint about me?
          Can someone else make a Freedom of Information request for me?
          How do I get my adoption records?
          How do I obtain a copy of my police record?
          I would like to get a copy of a tape made when I was interviewed
          Is there any information held by a government body which is not available?
          I made a Freedom of Information request over a month ago. Why have I not received a response?
          What decisions can I have reviewed?
          Who makes the Freedom of Information decision?
          Can I Access My Psychiatric File?
     Translation Service
          Translation Service
          Adoption Act 1984
          Freedom of Information Act 1982
          Local Government Act 1989
          Medical Practice Act 1994
          Public Records Act 1973
          Public Sector Management and Employment Act 1998
          Terrorism (Community Protection) Act 2003
          Freedom of Information Regulations 2009
          Health Records Act 2001
          Infertility Treatment Act 1995
          Freedom of Information (Access Charges) Regulations 2014
          Health Complaints Act 2016