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Writing a Letter

  1. Identify the agency which holds the documents. For contact details of the agency, use the Find an agency section.
  2. Prepare a letter that clearly describes the documents you want to access.
  3. If the documents you want to access concern your personal affairs (ie. contain your personal information), you should provide evidence of your identity. For example, a photocopy of current photo identification such as, a driver's licence. If you are unsure about what type of ID to provide, contact the relevant agency. For contact details, use the Find an agency section. Post the form to the agency with the appropriate application fee.
  4.  Please make cheques payable to the agency. For details of the application fee and other charges, please see the Costs section of the site.

Important: To start processing your request, the application fee must be included, unless you are eligible to have the fee waived.

Cheques should be made payable to the agency that you are posting your request to. No cash please. To claim a waiver of the application fee you must establish that payment of this fee would cause you financial hardship. If payment would cause you hardship please include documents to support with your application form. 

If you are unsure what to include with the request, contact the FOI Officer at the agency which holds the documents you want to access.