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What decisions can I have reviewed?

You may appeal if you are not happy with the decision made about your request for information. These decisions include: 

  • Refusing to give you access to all, or part of, the documents you have applied for.
  • Allowing you to have access to the documents, but not in the form you want.
  • Allowing you to have indirect access to medical information through a doctor, rather than giving you direct access to the documents yourself.
  • Making you pay an amount you think is too much for handling your request.
  • Deciding to release personal information affecting you, or information you have provided about your business and commercial affairs, to another person who has made a FOI request for the information.
  • Refusing to amend information about you that you think is incorrect, out of date or misleading.
  • Taking longer than the time permitted to process your request and notify you of the decision. (The standard time allowed for FOI requests is 30 days, which can be extended in some circumstances, and 30 days for a request to amend personal records.)

 For more details about having a decision reviewed, see Complaints.