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Many problems can be resolved quickly by contacting the agency to discuss your concerns. You can also resolve particular problems more formally.

1. You are not satisfied with the initial decision

If you do not understand the decision, you can contact the agency to discuss your concerns. If you believe that the decision is wrong, then in most cases, you will have a right of review by the Victorian Information Commissioner. Information about reviews by the Commissioner are available on the Victorian Information Commissioner's website

Your decision letter should tell you how to apply for a review by the Information Commissioner or to appeal to VCAT.

2. The initial decision is taking too long

Agencies have 30 days from when they receive your request to tell you their decision, unless the period is extended in certain circumstances. Delays can occur though, so if you do not receive a response by the due date you can:

3. You are unhappy with the way in which your request was handled

Even if you are not dissatisfied with the decision or the time it took, you may be unhappy about other aspects of how your request was handled. These sorts of complaints can be made either to the agency or to the Victorian Information Commissioner.